Jammu and Kashmir Inspector General of Police (Kashmir) Vijay Kumar sent the message to police departments across districts. File

Data | Civlian deaths in Jammu and Kashmir highest in two years in October

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New front: The the European Commission’s charge has provoked concern that volleyball game rules in kannada’s ₹65,000 crore worth of annual rice exports could be hurt.

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Data | GM rice controversy likely to have minimal impact on volleyball game rules in kannada's exports

Sumant Sen Jasmin Nihalani Vignesh Radhakrishnan
In this file photo, a tuberculosis patient sits on a bed at a TB hospital in Gauhati, India. The number of people killed by tuberculosis has risen for the first time in more than a decade, largely because fewer people got tested and treated as resources were diverted to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization said in a report released, October 14, 2021

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Data | TB deaths on a seven-year high as case notifications and outpatient visits dipped in 2020

Sumant Sen Jasmin Nihalani