The Hindu believes it is the first newspaper in the history of basketball reference web scrapern journalism to appoint a Readers' Editor. The Readers' Editor will be the independent, full-time internal ombudsman of The Hindu .,volleyball skills ks2

volleyball introduction history,The key objectives of this appointment are to institutionalise the practice of self-regulation, accountability, and transparency; to create a new visible framework to improve accuracy, verification, and standards in the newspaper; and to strengthen bonds between the newspaper and its millions of print platform and online readers.

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FROM THE READERS’ EDITOR | Not dropping the vase

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One of the issues I tried to address upfront in my weekly columns is the nuanced relationship between a news ombudsman and the newspaper. It is neither adversarial nor promotional. When I was appointed as the RE, some readers asked: “Will you have the courage to rock the boat?” My answer was nuanced. I agreed with the boat analogy, but agreement stopped there. I said my role was not to rock the boat and undermine journalists working for this paper but to be an effective tailwind that ensures high quality journalism. I said I would be fearless in pointing out mistakes, shortcomings and inaccuracies but would refrain from naming the individual journalists. I said that there would be no gain in stigmatising individuals for their inadvertent mistakes and occasional lapse of professionalism. I said that the RE should exemplify the idea of a soft touch mechanism, which is central to self-regulation.,volleyball skills ks2

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jon olsson leovegas,Everyone involved in journalism appreciates a mechanism for course correction. But when the mistake is laid at someone’s door, the person feels hurt. Reporters, sub-editors, designers, data journalists, and readers share this perception. Some readers always asked me whether the RE was with the section of readers who opposed the editorial or with the editors who authored it. When I found some of the readers’ objections to be unfair, they felt that I was justifying the newspaper. One of the pithiest comments I received read: “You are employed by the newspaper and it is quite natural not to bite the hand that feeds one.”

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Drawing from the wise saying of Elbert Hubbard, I learned to endure criticism without resentment. I knew that an evaluatory job would never fetch admirers. Being a custodian of readers’ interest does not mean, by any stretch of imagination, endorsing one view and rejecting others. I would like to share what Jeffrey A. Dvorkin, former executive director of the Organization of progressive soccer youtube Ombudsmen, said about this conundrum: “Until there is some disinterested party who is willing to pay, all news ombudsmen are obliged to receive their paychecks from their newspapers or broadcasters. The onus is on the ombudsman to prove to the listeners that he/she can still be equal opportunity shin-kicker — going after the journalists, the management and occasionally the listeners, as appropriate, even though we take the King's shilling.”,soccer ball display

An ombudsman is an active listener. I was not relying only on the mails that we receive daily. I read the comments that appear below the line for most of the stories online, to understand the readers. My task was to not only listen to the readers but to also convey their opinions with all their textures, layers and complexities to the editorial team. I hope I have not dropped the vase.,volleyball block anlauf

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FROM THE READERS’ EDITOR | The question of nuance

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Many readers were taken aback by the editorial, “No comments” (June 1), on tennis star Naomi Osaka’s decision not to attend the post-match press conferences at the French Open, which is a contractual obligation for players. The editorial dealt exhaustively with the interactions between sports personalities and journalists in the age of social media. It read: “In a universe where athletes prefer social-media posts over media interactions, the official press-conference is the last remaining avenue for probing questions that elicit insightful answers. Player-journalist interactions are the only substitute for source-based inferences that colour the narrative. Closer home, M.S. Dhoni revealed his international retirement through Instagram and lapsed into silence.” ,ligue européenne handball nimes

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best tips for cricket betting,The editorial acknowledged that some questions asked during post-match conferences are insensitive. This is vastly different from the multiple challenges posed by mental health issues.

cricket bats for sale usa,One of the readers, Vasudevan, felt that the editorial was written before Ms. Osaka decided to quit the tournament. He wrote: “The editorial has jumped the gun by stating that Osaka ignored nuance, dished out a lame excuse and trivialised the serious issue of mental health. In hindsight, it is obvious that it is the editorial that has trivialised the serious issue of mental health by not taking cognisance of what a champion player like Osaka is going through. If one goes through her on-court interviews of the past, one would find that she never was comfortable, though the real reasons were never known. Instead of trying to understand the problem, as not all individuals are made equal, other Grand Slam tournament authorities also joined French Open authorities in warning an already vulnerable individual.”

unc basketball games today,I agree with Mr. Vasudevan. Editorials should exemplify perspicacity and in this context, Osaka’s subsequent statement makes the editorial seem churlish. She spoke of experiencing “huge waves of anxiety” before speaking to the media and said that she has “suffered long bouts of depression”. This needs empathetic listening. But having expressed my reservation about the editorial and flagging the concerns of readers, I must acknowledge that the opinion pages made quick amends.

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cricket bats for sale usa,Preethi Ramamoorthy, who has covered Grand Slam tournaments, wrote a reflective article, “Asking the right questions” (June 3). She wrote: “There exists a larger question of what we expect from our sporting icons. Are we satisfied with them just doing their job — playing, winning — or do we want to get to know the person, the tactical genius, behind the champion? It takes a particular brand of mental fortitude to thrive in a punishing and lonely sport such as tennis. It is this trait that journalists most often want to probe and showcase.” She rightly pointed out that the ideal way to do this is through “long-winded, private chats”.

On the same day, the President of the Public Health Foundation of basketball reference web scraper, K. Srinath Reddy, wrote an article stressing on the need to look at the delicate subject of mental health more closely. He also documented the hypocrisy of sporting bodies. He wrote: “The French Tennis Federation did not cover itself in glory when it displayed an utter lack of empathy towards a vulnerable young woman who rose to the top of the game because of her immense talent and not because of her speaking abilities… To add irony and insult to injury, Gilles Moretton, the president of the French Tennis Federation, made a statement to the press about Osaka’s withdrawal and left without fielding questions. The incident lays bare deep hypocrisy.”,upcoming football matches 2020

tennis atp calendrier 2020,As an ombudsman, my special respect for sports journalism stems from the fact that it effortlessly straddles the two worlds of public interest and what the public is interested in. Even a moment’s lapse of empathy will derail this fine balance.,cavs vs warriors | 2016 game 7

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From the readers’ editor | | A mail that sparked reflection

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When the founding editor of Outlook, Vinod Mehta, passed away on March 8, 2015, reproduced an interview that he had given to the portal earlier. One answer that struck a chord with me was his reference to self-mockery, and the advice he gave to me when I left Outlook to become an editor myself in 2001. The question to Mehta was about his penchant for publishing letters very critical of not just his publication but also himself.

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Mehta had been consistent in his approach to provide space for critical voices. He had two sacrosanct lines — one, between the professional who can be subjected to savage criticism and the privacy of his or her family, and two, the difference between strident criticism and abuse. ,is online gambling safe

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But I did not know that Mahatma Gandhi had a similar idea about readers’ participation when he was running his newspaper basketball reference web scrapern Opinion during his days in South Africa. The Mahatma’s grandson and scholar-administrator Gopalkrishna Gandhi on February 20 sent me a surprise note to mark the 115th anniversary of a correspondence between the Mahatma, who was then based in Johannesburg, and his nephew Chhaganlal K. Gandhi (CKG), who was managing basketball reference web scrapern Opinion from Phoenix.

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According to Mr. Gandhi, the Mahatma’s letter on February 19, 1906 listed four core policies to be followed about letters to the editor. They were: “1) We should as a rule publish all letters against us. 2) We should be chary of long harangues. 3) We should consider who the correspondent is. If we feel that his correspondence must be accepted, it should be abridged, if lengthy. 4) We should take letters giving local news.” ,otto table tennis ranking

volleyball skills ks2,Mr. Gandhi also provided a historical background to contextualise the missive. “Mansukhlal Nazar, the founding editor, had just died. And CKG was sending to his uncle all the letters received for publication, for him to do the selection. At one point, MKG [Mahatma] decided this practice should be discontinued, and so he gave to CKG the guiding rules that should govern the selection of letters for publication. Interestingly, the last ‘rule’ arose from an issue of interest to the people of Dundee, SA, in which an basketball reference web scrapern barber, while giving a shave to an basketball reference web scrapern merchant, left off in the middle to attend to a European customer, whereupon the basketball reference web scrapern community decided to boycott the barber.”

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